New and Updated Content and Assessments

This page provides the latest updates to assessment formats, new offerings, and other important information.

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The Consultant Report

For consultants' eyes only!  This report provides a quick summary overview for a group of assessments.  Facilitators, get an easy-to-review snapshot of the results for each individual in a team.  

Available for download in Genos Surveys.

Behavior Sort Cards

Capture your participants’ attention and spark robust group discussion with the behavior sort activity cards. Designed to align with the behaviors measured in the Assessment Reports, the cards can be used with a variety of activities to support your program facilitation and participants’ learning. Available in both Leader and Workplace Behavior versions.

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The ROI of EI

The Genos EI ROI Calculator provides an estimate of the likely return on investment from assessing and developing the emotional intelligence of a group in dollar terms. Based on Genos’ published research on the relationship between levels of emotional intelligence and employee performance, you can now estimate with a high degree of confidence the likely return you’ll be able to generate for prospective clients.

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