Lead with the Heart in Mind

 Today's leaders know that their success does not rest solely on their technical skills, fancy degrees, or ambition.  Their success is built on how they connect with the people around them.  

Smart leaders are getting the skills they need today to build relationships for their tomorrow.




Leader as Coach



Leading Teams

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The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

A One-Day Program that walks participants through the neuroscience of emotional intelligence, techniques for building awareness and managing emotions, and the benefits of effective feedback.

The Engaging Leader

In this One-Day Program, you'll learn the science behind enhancing motivation, commitment, and engagement. 

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    The Resilient Leader

Today's unique work challenges require individuals with the skills to withstand the pressure. You'll leave with tools and techniques to help you build resilience in yourself and those around you.

               The Mindful Leader

Bring out the best in yourself and others with mindfulness practices that build a sense of presence and improve focus and attention.

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