Training for the Future

As the ripple effects of rapid technological advances and globalization continue to transform the professional landscape, education and training on the 'soft skills' is more essential than ever.  The World Economic Forum lists Emotional Intelligence as one of the top 10 job skills for the future economy, along with people management, collaboration, negotiating skills, and cognitive adaptability.  Companies are finally understanding the importance, not to mention profitability, of investing in their people.  New hires want to feel connected to their organization's mission, understood by their managers, and able to contribute with impact.

On the flip side, we're being asked to do more with less, changes come at a blinding pace, our pool of competition often spans the entire globe, and, thanks to social media, our visibility is higher than ever before imaginable.  

Simple, right? 


Here's how we help individuals and companies meet these challenges head-on: 

Compass Callibration


Where do I start?  

       What is Emotional Intelligence?  

                How do soft skills impact our bottom line?

Figure out where you are and where you're going with a consultation, introductory workshop, or behavioral assessment.  

Tools of the Trade


Ready to dive in?  Up-skill yourself, your team, or your whole organization. 

Make it Stick

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We know that true development isn't the result of a one-time event.  These solutions support long-term change initiatives.

Become the Expert


Become the next champion for emotionally intelligent workplaces.

Train The Trainer

In-House Certifications

Ignite Program