Alyana Ramirez   Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Alyana Ramirez

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

I entered the workforce in my early twenties with a psychology degree, lots of idealism, too much confidence, and the desire to make my professional life as alternative as possible.  (Before you ask, yes, I'm a millennial.) Luckily for me, the organization I went to work for had a shared vision- a belief that there is a way to make any kind of work motivating, rewarding, even enjoyable.  Teaching others the recipe for a fulfilling, engaging workplace became my full-time job.

From that time to the moment I started this business, I experienced every type of organization, management style, team structure, and work environment imaginable.  Some creative, some traditional, some rules-driven, some spontaneous.  Startups and industry giants.  

All of it served to confirm what I learned from my work in emotional intelligence and leadership development: It matters less what work you're doing or where you're doing it.  The biggest impact on how you view your work is how well you're able to connect.  Connect with your clients and with the people working next to you.  Connect with yourself.  With your values and goals.  With your hopes for the future.  With what your spirit needs to be ready to tackle another day with optimism and energy.  

While I've gained some pragmatism and a lot of humility since I first stepped into my professional life, my goal of getting 'work' off of the four-letter words list has only intensified.   I especially love  solidifying teams, developing high-potential leaders, and coaching individuals at all levels to meet the challenges of organizational change.  If sharing what I've learned, and continue to learn, about making work a better place to be helps even one person feel more excited about Monday morning, my job will continue to be more exciting, engaging, and rewarding than I ever thought possible.